【REP Chart】


テーマは「REP」です。Check it out!


One of the most important factors for English acquisition is being constantly exposed to the language. In GrapeSEED, students are expected to do Repeated Exposure Practice (REP) every day, so they can efficiently acquire English.

英語習得において「常に英語に触れている環境」は非常に大切です。GrapeSEEDでは生徒が毎日英語に触れることで英語を効率的に身に着けられるようにRepeated Exposure Practice (略称REP:家庭で取り組む英語学習)と呼ばれる仕組みを取り入れています。


It takes on average about 2000 hours to acquire English. If you only came to GrapeSEED class three times a week without doing REP, it would take more than 16 years to reach the 2000 hour marker! Doing REP every day can bring that down to only four years!


Students who do REP will not only be on the path to acquire English faster, but will also get more enjoyment and learning out of the GrapeSEED lessons.



Because REP is so important, we are always looking for new ways to motivate students to do it every day. One idea we started from this year is REP charts.


At the end of the month when we collect Daybooks, we will record how much each student did REP and update the charts. Students can then checks the charts in the GrapeSEED hallway to see how much they have done. We hope with a clear visual representation of how much REP they have done, students will be more motivated to do REP every day.



Let’s try to do REP every day and have fun learning English!



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